This Fella Has Complicated Feelings About the New Dodge Challenger


And it might have a little something to do with his daughters.

Or maybe, a lot more to do with the pair of fun-loving rascals piloting the Dodge Challenger, one of the most infamous of scoundrels. If you've been dreaming of a bold new muscle car in Troy, Detroit, Sterling Heights, or Warren, MI then you'd best be careful what you wish for.

Because you never know what the Dodge Challenger is really coming for.

With standard 305 horsepower--and up to 707 horsepower in the stunning Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat--this American beauty is a beloved favorite from east to west.

But when you hear the roar of a V6 when it's coming for your precious little princess?

Now that's a different story.

So make sure that you get to experience American muscle on your own terms; put a new Dodge Challenger or Charger in your driveway today. Visit Suburban of Troy to explore new models today, and take a test drive in a true icon.

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